3D printing fashion

As I have mention in one of my previous posts, 3D printing is already emerging into the fashion industry. Though many of the examples are not made of sustainable materials, the technology itself is widely used and regconised. Here are some of my favorites from the past years.

2013 Victoria secret fashion show

For this show VS worked with Swarovski to print one of the runway look for the annual fashion show. The show is famous for its lingerie and of course the angel wings. Swarovski printed 3D snowflakes for the model to wear and I think it is a great start in their journey to 3D printing bigger angel wings for the future shows.

3D printed gown by Michael Schmidt for Dita Von Teese

Schmidt design this dress completely made of 3D printed material, it suites Dita so wear for her personality, and it is actually tailor made, and fits her so perfectly. It proves that 3D printing can make perfect dresses.

3D printed shoes by behrad ghodsi

These shoes are designed for comfort, custom made to the person wearing them. Fashionable, and forward thinking.

Remember those days when you have to go to a shoe maker for tailor made shoes? That’s how Jimmy Choo started his career. Though I admire the craftsmanship, the technology gives wider access to the public for better made shoes. If we develop on this technology, we can mix design and technology together and change how the fashion industry works. Though I think of the preservence of craftsmanship, I am even more excited about the future where I can make my own very comfortable shoes.





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